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How Eating is Different with Dentures

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Dr. Hallas
How Eating is Different with DenturesDentures have come a long way since they were first invented. The device used to be bulky and uncomfortable. It was considered to be the last resort when the patient had missing teeth. Today, dentures have better, less bulkier designs.

They are made to fit snugly by attaching themselves on the neighboring teeth, or around the gums. You will get an acceptable level of comfort for things such as chewing and speech. Yet, it will not be exactly the same as eating food with natural teeth. There some differences that you may experience.

Change in Taste

One of the effects of eating with dentures is loss of taste or a change in sensitivity to certain foods. Most people may notice that some of the foods do not taste the same. The first few weeks the device may require getting used to. At this time, the effects that the device has on your sense of taste may be more noticeable.

You may require more seasoning to improve the taste of your favorite foods. However, the change may be also as a result of aging. Your jaw and gums will also be less sensitive to hard foods. This has the potential of causing significant damage to the dentures.

Making Adjustments

Eating with dentures is also different from eating with your natural teeth intact, in that it will require special care on your part to avoid damaging the device. You are advised to avoid eating with the front part of your teeth; otherwise dentures can become unstable and uncomfortable. You will need to avoid hard foods that can damage the dentures.

You may also find it more challenging to determine how cold or hot foods are. You should therefore ensure that the foods and drinks you take, are of the right temperature. Adhesives are sometimes used to address the issues of change in taste and sensitivity. We are dental practitioners who can provide the guidance you need to choose the right dentures. Call us today for more information.

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