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Foods and Drinks to Avoid With Dental Crowns

Posted on 1/10/2019 by Dr. Hallas
Foods and Drinks to Avoid With Dental CrownsDental crowns are most commonly used after a root canal, but can also be used as an aesthetic or to cover a tooth that has been chipped or damaged. A porcelain or metal material is shaped to cover the existing tooth, thereby saving the tooth from being extracted.

This is a good alternative to extraction and replacing the natural tooth with a dental implant or some other prosthetic device. After you get a crown, there are some foods and drinks that you need to avoid for a time while your mouth heals.

Foods to Avoid

•  Sticky foods should be avoided. In addition to the high sugar content which is bad for your teeth, caramels, candies and any food that is sticky to the touch can potentially pull the crown off of your tooth. This includes foods such as raisins and gum. If you are accustomed to chewing gum to freshen your breath, try mouthwash or simply brushing your teeth as an alternative while your crown is bonding to your natural tooth.
•  Hard foods such as crunchy vegetables or nuts can cause damage to a crown that is not completely bonded to the tooth. We know they're high in vitamins and protein, but until your tooth is ready, eating these super foods can cause your crown to become loose or even potentially come off completely.
•  Sugary drinks such as pop, juice or sweetened coffee should be avoided as they can cause enamel erosion and damage your crown.
•  Ice and hot or cold drinks should be avoided until your tooth has become completely healed. While hot and cold drinks can be introduced back into your diet later, you should never chew ice with a dental crown. It can cause damage to the crown.

If you have any questions regarding your new dental crown, please call our office immediately, we'll be happy to address any concerns you may be having.

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