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Can Denture Sores Become Infected?

Posted on 9/10/2019 by Dr. Hallas
Can Denture Sores Become Infected?Many people who wear dentures will, at some point or another, develop a denture sore. A denture sore is a lesion that develops in a place where the denture is rubbing against the soft gum tissue. While a denture sore itself can be painful, it can also pose a risk of infection in some instances.

Denture Sores Can Develop Infections

Your gum tissue, while much softer than your skin, serves a similar purpose: it is a barrier to infection. As such, any place where the gum tissue is broken, it is possible for an infection to develop. This includes denture sores.

Of course, even if you do not develop an infection, having a denture sore is an unpleasant experience. This underscores the importance of making sure your dentures properly fit the contours of your gum tissue as well as using the proper dental adhesive to be sure the dentures are not sliding around in your mouth.

Be Vigilant with Your Health

As you probably know, an infection in your gum tissue can lead to larger health problems if the infection spreads through your bloodstream to other parts of the body. For this reason, it is important that you promptly tend to any infections.

Further, if you do notice that you are developing a denture sore, you should take immediate steps to care for the wound. This includes cleaning the area thoroughly with the proper medication and taking your dentures out to give the gum tissue time to heal up. Some denture wearers use a solution of salt and warm water as an oral rinse to help clean any sores and prevent infections from taking hold.

By taking these few precautionary measures, you can help be sure that your gum tissue remains healthy. This, in turn, will help you safeguard your overall health.

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