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How a Sinus Lift May Improve Your Implant Success

Posted on 10/10/2019 by Dr. Hallas
How a Sinus Lift May Improve Your Implant SuccessFor an implant to be successful, it needs an anchor. That is a strong base that can hold the implants safe and in place for the longest possible time. However, some people due to various conditions such as gum disease and loss of teeth don't have a strong enough jaw bone to place the implants on.

To solve this problem, a simple surgical operation called a sinus lift must be executed. A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that makes it possible to have dental implants on the upper jaw by effectively lifting the maxillary sinuses available on either side of the nose and then replacing that space with bone grafting material. Getting a sinus lift is important because it helps increase the chances your implant will be successful. Here is how:

Strengthening Upper Jaw

If someone has had dental problems such as gum disease or plaque, it's highly likely that their jaws are not in the best shape. Therefore, the likelihood that it will not be able to support titanium prosthetics is very likely. Since these dental implants don't come cheap, it follows that we should make ample preparations so that once they are attached; they can stay in place for the longest possible time. Once the sinus lift is complete, the bone grafting process can kick in to augment the strength of the existing jaw bone. Once this bone is strong enough, it can comfortably handle the implants.

Creating Healthy Distance between Upper Jaw and Maxillary Sinus

For an implant to stay in place there needs to be a healthy distance between the jaw bone and the maxillary sinus. As people grow older, the sinus' shape and size can also change. That means if the sinus is too close to the jaw, we will not be able to drill the implant down as it should for fear of damaging it. When the sinus lift is complete, there will be a good distance between the two fronts that will allow comfortable and efficient implantation.

If you have been considering getting some implants, then this is the way to go. Ensure you can actually get them without any complications and if not, visit us for a sinus lift!

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