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What is Denture Realignment?

Posted on 12/10/2019 by Dr. Hallas
What is Denture Realignment?Eventually, your dentures will need some work to help keep them in good shape and fitting your mouth well. By taking the time to do this you'll also be able to prolong the amount of time between when you need new dentures. One thing that we may recommend to you at some point is having your dentures realigned.

What Denture Realignment Is In Basic Terms

Simply put, a denture reline consists of resurfacing the part of your denture that comes into direct contact with the gums in your mouth. During this procedure, we will reshape the lower part of your denture so that it is once again as comfortable as possible when it's resting on your gums.

Two Types of Denture Realignment

There are two different types of denture realignment that we may recommend to you.
The first is a soft realignment. This is the ideal way to make sure that any of your gum tissue that's sensitive to your denture's weight or touch is properly taken care of. This is done in our office by adding a liquid polymer onto your denture to give it some depth and cushion.

The other type is a hard realignment. This requires the use of a material that's similar to your denture's hardened base so it's typically done in a lab, which means you might be without your denture for a while.

You don't need to worry about either of these techniques changing the way your dentures look in your mouth. You're simply adapting your dentures to your gums' changing structure.

When You'll Need a Denture Realignment

Typically, when you wear two dentures, you'll need to have them realigned once every two years. Remember, the goal is to keep your dentures fitting securely in your mouth. Since your gum tissues change, the way your dentures fit will loosen, making them more prone to move around in your mouth. To keep this from happening, give us a call and schedule a denture realignment today.

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