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Surgical Endodontics
Green Bay, WI

Diagram of a root canal. Learn more about our surgical endodontic procedures at Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry in Green Bay, WI.Sometimes, there are cases where a non-surgical root canal treatment alone proves insufficient to save your tooth or teeth. For such patients, the solution often recommended is endodontic surgery. Today, we at Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry will educate you on the details and benefits of this restorative procedure as well as its most common applications in hopes that potential future visitors will be better informed.

If you or a loved one have any questions about endodontic surgeries or are considering it and wish to set up an appointment with Dr. Lasnoski, please call us at (920) 278-7678.

Why Should I Get Endodontic Surgery?

Typically, the only alternative to surgery is extracting a tooth altogether. A replacement (implant, bridge, removable partial denture, etc) must then be applied to restore chewing function and prevent your surrounding teeth from moving out of proper alignment. Because such measures necessitate surgery or other dental procedures on healthy adjacent teeth, endodontics is most often the preferred choice.

However effective modern artificial tooth restoration may be, there is still no substitute for the genuine article. By investing in endodontics, you will not only be making the decision to save your tooth but helping to ensure a functional, beautiful smile for life. Of course, no procedure is ever 100% guaranteed to pay off as desired, but we only recommend endodontic surgery when we believe it has the highest chance of success. Dr. Lasnoski or Dr. Hallas will consult with you to confirm when it's the best option.

What Is the Most Common Endodontic Surgery?

Perhaps the most well known example of endodontic treatment is what's known as an apicoectomy. This procedure involves opening your periodontal tissue near the tooth to examine the underlying bone and get rid of any infected or inflamed tissue before finally removing the end of the tooth's root.

In some cases, a small filling will be applied into the root to seal the end of the patient's root canal, after which a few stitches are placed in their gingiva (gums) to facilitate the healing process. Within a period of months, the bone tissue will regenerate itself back around the end of the root.

Other Types of Endodontic Surgery

Endodontists (performers of endodontic surgery) practice a variety of procedures created for the purpose of saving your tooth. Every patient undergoes a consultation to discuss which treatment would be most appropriate for him/her. These include but are not limited to:
•  Dividing a tooth in half.
•  Repairing a damaged root.
•  Extracting one or multiple roots.
•  Intentional replantation- A procedure in which your tooth is removed, given endodontic treatment while outside of your mouth, and then replaced in its socket.

Benefits of Endodontic Surgery

•  It is the most biologically appropriate option to save a tooth and maintain one's dental health.
•  Cost-effective.
•  Local anesthetics make treatment painless. As is normal for any oral surgery, you might feel some mild discomfort or swelling during the incision's healing process but we will recommend appropriate pain medication to manage that. You'll also be given post-operative instructions to follow. If, for whatever reason, your body should not respond to the medication, this can be corrected.
•  You can often drive yourself home after the procedure. You should still check with Dr. Lasnoski or Dr. Hallas before your appointment though, in case transportation arrangements are needed.
•  The majority of patients may return to their job or other everyday activities the day right after surgery. However, we will gladly discuss your expected recovery period with you.


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When a root canal treatment alone proves insufficient to save your tooth, Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry offers surgical endodontic treatment. Learn more here.
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